Treasure Forest
Copyright © 2010 Nagy Péter

First season – first module


  • Creation and forming an organisation, corporate context, corporate strategy and practice of related management skills.

Plot units of the programme:

  • Introduction, warm-up, introduction of boundaries.
  • Statement of personal goals.
  • Choosing roles and definition of role contents.
  • Introduction and presentation of characters.
  • Development and acceptance of corporate vision and part-strategies of corporate units, and development of total corporate strategy.
  • Creation of corporate operation structure.
  • Global image of the participants’ strong and weak skills.
  • Filling-in of the questionnaire ARP; model and further research of the situation of management Authority, Responsibilty and Power.
  • Connections between the win-win, win-lose and lose-lose situations and the cooperation/competition. Corporate situations in the fields of cooperation and competition.
  • Personal and group feed-backs to the personal and group achievements.
  • Realization of personal management action plan version 1.0.