Treasure Forest
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Second season – second module


  • Management training module - practice of operation definated in the basic module, practice of goal-orientated operation, group operation and group reaction, practice of management roles, competencies and skills.

Plot units of the programme:

  • Tracking of personal goals.
  • Analysis of personal management actions between the two programmes.
  • Management administration and information.
  • Operation of task management towards the realization of successful strategy.
  • Planning and realization of tasks, focusing groups on the goals and group operations during the realizing process.
  • Connection of tasks.
  • Representation, persuasion and lobbying.
  • Necessary conditions of successful group operation.
  • Different strengthes of problem solving in group operation (MBTI system and its applications).
  • System of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in group operation.
  • Conflict management and its methods and techniques.
  • Difficult group situations and problem-solving techniques.
  • Personal and group feed-backs to the personal and group achievements.
  • Realization of personal management action plan version 1.1.