Treasure Forest
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Third season – third module


  • Management training module - balanced practice of operation definated in the basic module, convincing communication, representation, managing discussions and meetings.

Plot units of the programme:

  • Rutine of balanced corporate operation.
  • Tracking of personal goals.
  • Summary of personal management actions between the two programmes.
  • Changing of roles, testing and operation of new roles.
  • The fields of management communication – personal and interpersonal communication.
  • Practice of written and oral communication tools.
  • Management speech, presentation and persuative communication.
  • Situations and method of negotiation. Connections of representation, lobbying and decision-making.
  • Situations of group negotiation.
  • Assertivity and assertive communication.
  • Method of managing discussions. Preparation-plan, realization, follow-up and assessment center. Roles in managing discussions. Practice of roles.
  • Personal and group feed-backs to the personal and group achievements.
  • Realization of personal management action plan version 1.2.