Treasure Forest
Copyright © 2010 Nagy Péter

Fourth season – fourth module


  • Practice of operation definated in the basic module, changes in the outside environment, changing, actualization and correction of strategy, change reaction, crisis reaction, syntetization, closing

Plot units of the programme:

  • Process of personal management actions between the two programmes.
  • Tracking of personal goals – where am I with my personal goals?
  • Changing of roles, testing and operation of new roles among the new boundaries.
  • Changes in the environmental conditions. Correction, completion of strategy, acceptance of new strategy.
  • Phases of changes, laws of supervention of changes.
  • Human relation towards changes and management tasks related to these.
  • Learning corporation and systematical operation of corporate learning.
  • The importance of personal management learning – analysis and contrasting of new results of the two feed-back questionnaires.
  • Connection between emotional intelligence and coping with stress. The resonant and dissonant manager.
  • Phases of group formation and content and phenomena of groupdynamics.
  • Personal closing consultations and written feed-backs to each participant.
  • Personal and group feed-backs to the personal and group achievements.
  • Assessment of group operations and achievements in oral and written form.
  • Summary, syntetization.
  • Final versions of personal management action plans.
  • Programme closing.